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Today I decided I need OpenSSL, and of course I went for the latest and greatest as available from the git repo, which in this case is (beta) 1.1.0 version. Cautious as I was I checked Google first to see how to build it, I actually never needed to build OpenSSL before, so no experience with this library yet. Seems like a lot of people were struggling with building OpenSSL, particularly on Windows machines, so there are quite few tutorials and informative blog posts about building the library. There is even fine Wiki page describing some peculiarities and pointing out one particular blog post. My best advice to you, potential reader, who also got the brilliant idea to first check up the web for pitfalls and instructions: do not care about anything you find on the web, including info on official page! It seems that all information is dated, or better to say, related to the stable 1.0.x version. Instead RTFM! Seriously, all needed info is contained in INSTALL file that comes with the source.

I am not going to share a lot of experience, because there really is not much to share. Build went pretty smooth as it just can, everything built out of the box on first try after I followed the notes in INSTALL file. For my VS2015, x64 dll build, it ment simply configuring the source with:

    perl Configure VC-WIN64A --prefix=x:\build
    nmake install

X is my ramdrive where I cloned source from git repo. After those steps, compiled libraries, executable and few other files are put in ‘build’ folder by nmake, ready to be copied to their final destination. Seems like developers have indeed done great job to simplify build process compared to previous versions, so kudos to them.

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