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No sound after reboot/login with PulseAudio and Alsa

Today was one of those days when I seriously threaten my barbers income. On the other hand it might save some schampoo and haircutting money in my pocket, so maybe I shouldn’t see it from negative side. I have become a victim of serious problem with sound on my Linux. For some weird reason I decided to reinstall my Arch. After installation everything worked just fine, music, videos and so on as it usually do. But after I logged in again day after my system was suddenly very silent. Quick check revieled that all sound levels are muted. No biggie, it was just to unmute and put some music on. But than I logged in today and same thing happened again. I was quite sure I didn’t mute sound so I figured out that something is wrong.

For some reason I can’t leave issues like this unsolved. It just don’t goes off of my mind untill it works properly. It is really annoying to be honest. Anyway some google magic discovered that I was not the only one priviledged with this bug. Actually there are quite many posts on diverse forums, blogs and mailing lists about the issue. For some reason (hmm a bug maybe?) the alsa levels are turned to 0 (yep, nada, muted, silent as a stone) after reboot. Or to be precise after login, since it was enough to just logout and login and sound would be muted. To be short, there are diverse speculations and few posted workarounds around the issue.

It seems thought that most people are blaiming pulse audio for the issue. I myself am not any kind of expert on sound stack in Linux to be honest, but I figured out if something is broken, than maybe its best to not use it. So I simply uninstalled pulse audio from my system and sound works nicely afterwards. I don’t yet know what I have broke instead, but hopefully not much more than one or other KDE and Gnome applets which I anyway don’t use, so with crossed fingers, lets enjoy some more music until next issue pops up.

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