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Visual Studio is *finally* getting some support for c99

Microsoft has finally decided to add at least *some* support for c99. Hey finally, it is great! But it is comming first in VS 2013. At least, according to this post, there will be quite some c99 headers included with vs: MSDN blog post. It does not say much about some other candies like syntax in for loops and C++ style comments. For most hobby use, however, the nice part is that there will be no need to hunt down extra headers, which will make porting code from linux world easier.

For those that can’t wait until 2013, some of *most wanted* C99 headers can be find elsewhere (or writte). inttypes are probably most asked for, and can be downloaded here. Stdboolean is probably another one, which can be found for example in FreeBSD project: stbool.h

Of course be aware of licences attached to those files if you plan on distributing your applications. Or simply switch to GCC :-).

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