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List of Cartoon and Movie Characters

What times fly by? It is so long time since I wrote something here and it feels like it was yesterday (again?). It is even equally long time since I have worked on my Sudoku project. Unfortunately Sudoku has to wait better days until I am less busy with work. Anyway, I can put few sentences in the blog. It is about something I had to make for the work.

Currently, in context of a project for a customer, I had to generate about 2500 imaginary names and social numbers for a database project. I had to do it in order to be able to take a database off from customer’s network due to confidentiality of personal data stored in it in accordance to Swedish law.

I could have used same name and same number for all records, and for most testing purposes 2 records with data and 2 different names, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, would do fine. But in some cases it is nice to have the entire set of data.

Of course I have searched the internet for the list of names I could use. Unfortunately I didn’t found any downloadable list with lots of names in parsing-friendly format. There probably is some, but I don’t know hwere :-); if somebody can point me to some nice link I would be thankful.

Instead I have managed to find a nice list of cartoon characters, and another list of movie characters. It was posted on some web forums, so I have cut-pasted it in a text file. There is not much to say about; it is one name per line in plain ascii text for easy parsing. As a note, I use ‘#’ as a comment starter, and movie list uses ‘-‘ as a delimiter between movie character and name of the movie and actors playing it in the movie.

Lists are by no means exhaustive, especially cartoons, so if you have a character I miss I would be glad if you post it in a comment or send an email with updated list.

So if you need a big list of fiction names download and try a list of cartoon characters and/or movie characters.

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