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Visual Studio Express: Open Solution Directory

Just as it is handy to open command window in working directory from within VisualStudio, so is to open solution (or project) directory also from the IDE. If you have your projects nested somewhere deep on you harddrive or in default place for VS projects (My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects), it might take some clicking with mouse in explorer. Instead you can simply add a command to open explorer in directory of your choice.

Click on Tools > External tools …. In dialog that opens click on Add. Enter some name for the tool; that name vill be shown to you on Tools menu. As command enter explorer.exe. As arguments add: /e, $(SolutionDir):

You might omit /e if you don’t want tree-view to be expanded.

This time you can’t use Initial directory since VS does not seems to understand how to pass directory name correctly to explorer. However, it will pass all arguments from command line as they are listed, with bonus that $(SolutionDir) will get expanded to name of solution directory. Again you might use any of VS predefined macros if you prefer some other directory or you can simply type in path to any folder you would like to have opened.

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