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Emacs and home dir on Windows

I have just installed Windows on my brand new machine. Among first applications I always install Emacs. Since I am installing from clean, I took opportunity to check for updates and found that latest emacs version is (which is alpha). I am using this, and so long I didn’t found any problems, but I was slightly annoyed with one issue: emacs couldn’t find my home dir!

emacs error.

It turned to be some issue with how emacs parses environment variables. When having “home” environment variable defined through windows native “%homepath%” var, emacs does not seems to understand it.

Take a look at picture; if “home” is defined as in picture:

home through %homepath%

Emacs will not understand it.

Solution is to simply type in absolut path for “home” variable:

absolute path

I don’t know if this was case with previous versions as well. My previous emacs version was 21.3 and my system was configured slightly different, so emacs might have been happy with me never noticing this issue before.

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